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Read the excerpt below and answer the question. PROCTOR: You cannot command, Mister Parris. We vote by name in this society, not by acreage (Act I, Scene 1). What did John Proctor mean when he said these words? that he shouldn't be bossed around by Parris that Parris's money and wealth meant less than his reputation among the people that Parris had no right to preach from the pulpit as a sinner all of the above
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1. Proctor is speaking to Putnam after Putnam orders Parris to pursue the theory of witchcraft. Putnam is trying to control Parris’s decisions because Parris is in a position of power. Putnam is trying to control the town through Parris. Putnam is a wealthy landowner in Salem, but he does not have much control in the town’s affairs. He is trying to gain the respect and loyalty through amassing wealth and property. Proctor is trying to shoot down Putnam because he believes that people who are good leaders, not wealthy people, should run the town.
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