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Which is an advantage that crops may attain through genetic engineering? modifying pests surviving droughts growing organically maturing longer
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GM crops have better ability to resist pest for example Bt-Cotton. It has an integrated Bt Gene taken from a bacterium called as Bacillus thuringiensis. This gene makes the plant able to synthesize cry proteins which gets activated inside the pest's (ball worm's) gut (which has basic medium contrary to human's acidic. This is why cry protein is harmless if ingested by humans) and ulcerate it and the pest dies. GM crops like GM-Wheat, GM-Rice can sustain even tense conditions like drought. These plants have synthetically genes like gene HARDY which increases the efficiency of photosynthesis and gene DRO1 which increases the root penetration. Overall the combined effect makes plant viable even in less water availability!!! I hope it helps c:
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