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Why does the Earth not receive the same amount of energy everywhere?
  • Stacey Warren - Expert
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The earth may not receive equal energy everywhere because of the geographical irregularities posed by the surface of the earth which affects the delivery of heat. For example extreme climate would either increase or decrease the amount of sunlight to the corresponding regions. Moreover, angle at which the sunlight enters our atmosphere is also critical to the energy received because at night sunlight doesn't reach the regions of earth where the angle doesn't allow the sunlight. Also it is note worthy that almost all of the energy on earth comes from the Sun, and according to the conservation of energy sunlight produces the heat energy which converts to different forms through many processes whether by natural means such as photosynthesis or artificial means such as solar panel usage.
  • IrishBoy123
"Moreover, angle at which the sunlight enters our atmosphere is also critical to the energy received" hence the seasons!! the earth is tilted on it axis, at c 23 degrees in Northern Hemi summertime, the North Pole is 24hr sunlight [yet it is still frozen because the incident rays are at such an acute angle that the heat intensity is small] in Southern Hemi summertime the North Pole is in 24hr darkness as it is pointing away from the sun if you apply that in varying degrees through the lines of latitude, and through the yearly procession of the tilted earth about the sun, you get a idea of why there is geographic asymmetry in the earth's energy absorption ... and why we have a climate.

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