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Why Study Maths and Science ?
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Maths and science help us to better understand our universe. Today, they are even more relevant in a world that is changing and evolving. Maths and science help to understand things from first principles. Their study develops reasoning and problem solving skills which are very useful in areas beyond maths and science. Challenging and rewarding careers require reasoning and problem solving skills and building a strong knowledge of maths and science will help a student to acquire them. It is best to get started with taking maths and science seriously at a young age. Like a language it is much easier to really learn them well at a young age. It is difficult catching up in college. One should study maths and science because of their crucial role in our everyday life. And one will find what one studies is so fascinating! A student will find a lot of elegance and beauty in maths and science and the student will also find that their study actually helps make the student smarter. Studying maths and science builds the strength and endurance power of the brain. It will help develop the ability to think critically, focus on a problem and find good solutions. Girls find maths and science just as interesting and rewarding as do boys. However girls don't opt for maths and science on their own as much as boys. The encouragement of parents and teachers of girl students, to consider studying maths and science is important.

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