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So I had to write about my favorite book and I just wanted an opinion on it (i cannot fit the whole thing on here so it will also be in the comments section below). I will write about The Fault In Our Stars. The Fault In Our stars is a tragic, beautiful story wrote by the one and only genius John Green. Anyways The Fault In Our Stars; well lets just say it's a book that you can literally throw at my face and it won't nearly hurt as much as the story. Just in case you have not read the book nor seen the movie I will not give you any spoilers.
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This book is one of the greatest novels ever written and is basically impossible to put down (one time I was staying at a hotel with some of my friends and one of them hid in the bathroom for a whole two hours and read THE WHOLE THING and came out crying, we tried to hide it from her so she could sleep but she found even when we put it in the freezer and he microwave.) But anyhow. Hazel Grace Lancaster is a 16 year old girl fatigued with cancer. Hazel goes to college even though she is only 16, she is a vegetarian, she also watches Americas Next Top Model and she fell in love the way you fall asleep slowly and then all at once - or the way ketchup comes out of a bottle (you know, slowly then all at once). She is forced to carry around Philip, her oxygen tank (she named him Philip because he looked like a Philip.) Hazel Grace goes to a support group which is more depressing then depression itself. Until one of her 'friends' Issac (they communicate mainly by raising eyebrows, sighing, and eye rolling - Oh, and Issac has Retinoblastoma-eye cancer he has one glass eye and one real eye in the book he is blond but in the movie he has black hair, oh well) brings along a friend named Augustus Waters - he is a survivor of cancer called Osteosarcoma. Along the battle he lost a leg and now only has 1.7 legs. Hazel and Augustus obviously end up falling in love (when she starts calling him Gus it's time to close the book and think about whether you want to ruin your life now or not.) They bond over 'An Imperial Infliction', metaphors, diagram humor, the night of the broken trophies, Augustus' fear of oblivion, and A LOT more. They are perfect. The night at Oranjee is perfect. And then John Green Murders someone. Just go read the book with tissues. Goodbye.

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