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Please review my essay, its supposed to be a illustration essay. How do we know when it is time to call it’s quit? How much is really too much of something? Teenagers now in days spend most of their time playing video games. Without even realizing how much time they spend and how it effects them. Teenagers have to stop spending their time staring at big screen TV’s and more time outside playing with real people rater then a computer. Do you have a younger brother or sister that just plays video games for hours and hours? I do. The other day he got home from school and immediately he went
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to his room to play with his Play Station four. He got to his room, sat down on his big black recliner and started to play Grand Theft Auto Five. Hours went by when he finally realized that it was late. He had to wake up at five the next morning for school and it was already twelve. He got up took a shower and started to work on a school project around one. When he finally went to bed it was three O’clock he only had two hours to sleep to get ready for school. When he woke up he felt exhausted but either way he had to go to school. In his first period they gave him a pop quiz but with only two hours of sleep how do you think it went for him? This is only of many examples I could give. Teens sit and play for hours and think nothing can go wrong. But what they don’t know is that it can harm their development and it can harm their social interaction with others. It’s not tough to understand the appeal of videogames. Most parents look at videogames as a relatively harmless addiction. I mean it’s better than being in the street getting into trouble or doing drugs right? Parents need to realize that teens playing these video games is harmful and they need to get up grab a ball and start seeing that there is more out there then a big screen TV and a PlayStation, Xbox, or whatever other new console technology keeps on creating. Another time my little cousin was playing videogames, he is only thirteen years old and he thinks he knows it all. He got home from being all day with this mom and he started to play. When his mom started to call his name for him to go do his chores he ignored her. She got mad and went to see what he was doing. When she asked him twice to get up and to do finish his chores he was so into this fighting game that he got up and screamed at her to leave him alone. How do you think it made her feel? Hurt of course. But as a mother she did her job and took away the videogame for two months. I understand that teens may feel like they have no control over this addiction of playing, but they need to start realizing what’s more important in life. Spending time with family, doing good in school, playing a sport with friends, joining a club, anything that can help them get out of the room. Teens can’t do this alone. Parents need to make sure they restrict videogames for maybe one or two hours a day after all their chores and homework is completed. Teens are only going to get worse if they don’t stop this addiction.

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