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write 5 paragraphs about a alien from mars coming to be a new 8th grade student at Taft middle school
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  • 7thGrader
names in group: Jonathan and Israel Hardy Date:9-14-15 TB:5 Language Arts One day on the planet Mars a alien named Paul wanted to go to school on earth, so he asked a Human guard at the local police station if he could go be a student at Taft Middle School in Oklahoma, City. The guard said yes and sent the alien to Oklahoma, City the alien was enrolled as an 8th grader he was on 83 THE SUPER TEAM! On his first day he met a boy named Chip, Chip liked video games and always used good grammar. At lunch Paul saw a kid named Bryce, Bryce was the biggest bully in the school. After Paul introduced himself Bryce said a few mean things and turned around and whent outside to play basket ball. Paul brought pig brains and a super cola for lunch

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