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PLEASE HELP ME I WILL MEDAL I had heard, at Paris, that the institution of Monsieur Maillard was managed upon what is vulgarly termed the "system of soothing"- that all punishments were avoided- that even confinement was seldom resorted to- that the patients, while secretly watched, were left much apparent liberty, and that most of them were permitted to roam about the house and grounds in the ordinary apparel of persons in right mind. After reading this paragraph , consider which sentence BEST summarizes the speaker’s thoughts in this paragraph ? CHOICES ARE BELOW
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A) Monsieur Maillard ran his institution with liberal, loose rules, allowing mental patients to roam in virtual freedom in the normal clothes of the day. B) Patients, while they were secretly being watched, were, however, given the liberty to wear what they wanted, but were punished if they even questioned being confined. C) Monsieur Maillard himself was considered mentally unstable as evidenced by his cruel punishments, confining his patients to the house or grounds and allowing them the freedom to wear other people’s ordinary clothing. D) The institution’s ‘system of soothing’ was a system whereby the confinement of such patients admitted to Monsieur Maillard’s grounds were eventually granted their liberty and allowed to leave the institution.
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I'm pretty sure the answer is A. Because he didn't have very many rules for his mental patients and they were allowed to roam free. Best of luck, don't forget to medal and close the question :)

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