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What is the theme of the story of Rapunzel
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'allure of forbidden fruit and consequences of succumbing to its enticement. “There was once upon a time a woman named Pascadozzia. As she was standing one day at a window, which looked into the garden of an ogress, she saw a beautiful bed of parsley, for which she took such a longing that she was on the point of fainting away; and being unable to resist her desire, she watched until the ogress went out, and then plucked a handful of it.” Clear parallel to choices made in the Garden of Eden. Lack of Parental figures Freedom - Rapunzel herself gains freedom though at a cost. “One hour in port, the sailor freed from fears, forgets the tempests of a hundred years.” Google has great resources. Very helpful. Try to focus on thematic/holistic ideas as opposed to in depth analysis in Repunzel. You can write a lot more on it.
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