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Yoiko and I had just started a housecleaning business, and Mr. Tomita was our first client. Tomita could be a bit strange, but the pay was excellent. He lived in a huge mansion with no fewer than a dozen Siamese cats. One of the things that made the work difficult was that we had to dust Tomita's surveillance cameras. There was at least one camera in every room in his mansion, and many of them could only be reached by climbing a ladder. When we first met Tomita, he showed us a secret room on the third floor. This room could only be accessed via a rotating bookcase that was set into the wall of Tomita's bedroom. It was just like in the movies: By removing a particular book from the shelf, the wall rotated and allowed one to enter the secret room. Inside the room were about 10 television monitors, all of them connected to the various surveillance cameras in Tomita's house. A shelf of PC hard drives was located near the back of the room for storing all the recorded footage. We got a kick out of watching Tomita's cats on the monitors. One Saturday afternoon, we were dusting a shelf in Tomita's basement when one of the Siamese cats leapt onto the shelf. With its swishing tail, it knocked an expensive-looking vase from the shelf. The vase hit the ground and shattered. "Oh no!" Yoiko cried. "Mr. Tomita will think it was our fault. He'll take the money out of our paycheck." "Don't worry," I told Yoiko. I was thinking about Tomita's secret room with its 10 television monitors. "I have a feeling that Tomita will know exactly who did this." Then I walked over to the corner of the room and dusted the lens of a surveillance camera. In which way is the setting important in this passage? Since Mr. Tomita has so many cats, the narrator knows Tomita will not be able to tell them apart. Because every room has a camera, the narrator does not worry about the broken vase. The narrator and her friend know they will not lose their jobs because Mr. Tomita is wealthy. The narrator and her friend take comfort from the fact that Mr. Tomita has tons of identical vases.
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