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This is the first time i am coming here...plz help..a poem called ''when i was fair and young''i need help in solving the reference to cintext
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so whats the question? im sorta confused
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Analysis – This poem can be interpreted as a regretful journey down memory lane for a formerly beautiful and much sought-after queen who is now beginning to realize that she may never have the opportunity to love and be loved as most women do. Elizabeth was a female ruler in a man’s world, and had to be doubly careful to never put a foot wrong, as this would be seen as a sign of her weakness. Therefore, Elizabeth could never speak of her sadness to anyone, and she had few close friends. Poetry was her only outlet, and her poems – of which there are three in this year’s selection – are brutally honest and open her emotions and her deepest thoughts to the reader. It is possible that the love she speaks of in two of three poems is Robert Dudley, The 1st Earl of Leicester, who was one of her few and closest friends.

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