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Read the following paragraph from "Adolescence and Personality": The emotional upheaval provoked by this mandate is called the identity crisis. In order to resolve this crisis and achieve a sense of identity, it is necessary to synthesize (combine) psychological development and societal directives (expectations that an individual acts in certain ways such as going to college after graduating from high school). The adolescent must find an orientation to life (a way of living life) that not only fulfills the attributes (personal qualities) of the self but at the same time is consistent (corresponds) with what society expects; that is, a role cannot be self-destructive (e.g., sustained fasting) or socially disapproved (e.g., criminal behavior). In the search for an identity, the adolescent must discover what he believes in and what his attitudes and ideals are, for commitment to a role entails (involves) commitment to a set of values. According to this paragraph, an individual may develop a destructive identity if he is unable to overcome his psychology must combine his own desires with society's expectations to achieve a sense of identity should challenge society's expectations of him to develop an independent identity experiences a crisis when faced with a tragedy or other shocking event in life

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