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Alex realizes that he did not include a position statement in this paper. Which sentence could follow sentence 6 and serve as the position statement for his paper? It is high time that we, as a community, do our bit so that the tradition of family dinner continues. It is necessary that the government takes steps so that the tradition of family dinner continues. It is necessary that the government takes necessary steps so that the tradition of family dinner continues. Therefore, citizens should be enrolled in cooking classes so that they can prepare sumptuous meals for family dinners.
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retricethe Potatoes, Please (1) The idea of a family dinner sounds simple. (2) Whip up a casserole, toss some rolls in the oven, heat up some veggies, set the table, pour a few glasses of milk or water, and ring the so-called dinner bell. (3) Dinner’s ready! (4) Many American dinner tables have stood empty and silent for decades. (5) The family meal is no longer a part of our busy lives. (6) Although the sacred dinner at grandma’s, which is on Sundays, is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain, there are those who have held on tightly to it. (7) Family dinners are more than just a symbolic gathering. (8) Forget the distractions, the delays, and the difficulties of bringing both food and family to the table. (9) Now is the time for them to raise their forks in unison! (10) “Let’s sit down together to eat! Let’s sit down together to eat!” (11) The family meal is an American ideal that has several very real benefits for the family, community, and country. (12) Social scientists have studied the social impact of family dinners and have identified several far-reaching societal benefits. (13) Family meals help keep families connected. (14) They even allow parents and children, perhaps even grandparents and other family members to discuss the events of the day, share stories, and enjoy each other’s company. (15) This is the time for us to disconnect from the compelling technologies of the day and reconnect with our families. (16) Being able to unwind helps us unload some stressors. (17) Talking about your feelings helps you work through them. (18) Many kids say they feel much better when they can unload their burdens by talking to their parents or other caregivers, thus improving emotional health in teenagers. (19) A University of Minnesota survey, the results of which were published in the August 2004 issue of the Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, shows a correspondence between frequent family meals and better eating habits. (20) This benefits your siblings too, for they learn to eat healthier meals just by having what you and your parents are having. (21) Children who respond regularly to the “Dinner’s ready!” call log better grades in school, which was confirmed in a 1994 Lou Harris–Reader’s Digest national poll of high school seniors. (22) More recent studies continue to support the belief that the family meal helps children think about and work toward their future achievements in school and beyond. (23) Therefore, carve out regular times for family dinners. (24) From preparing 30-minute meals to defrosting premade dinners, your family can find a way to make these meals happen. (25) You may even pitch in by helping with meal preparations, thus ensuring you spend more time with your family. (26) So, now is the time to step up to the plate! (27) The dinner plate, that is.

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