• Hahawowoh
Has anybody taken the module 1 DBA for U.S History on flvs? Was it hard?
  • schrodinger
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  • anonymous
Don't worry. The questions won't be the hard. If you've been doing well on the tests and assignments, then you're all set. If not, review what you don't understand. The role of the DBA is to make sure that you don't fail the upcoming test. So, if you feel prepared for the test, then you are 100% prepared for the DBA. It depends on what teacher you have. (I had two FLVS Algebra II teachers because I had to get switched to another teacher when she had too many students.) The first teacher usually asked me like two or three quick and easy questions that you had to answer on the spot. Like she'd say for example, write down this problem: x+1=1, so what is x? So, of course, you'd say 0. But then she'd give you a harder question that you'd have to write down and send in to her when you finished with it. The second teacher was big on answering questions on the spot. She didn't give questions to send in later. So, she'd give you like 10 questions you'd have to write down and answer on the spot. All in all, as long as you watch the review videos (which there are a ton of in math, at least), ask your teacher questions if you get lost, and go over the lesson reviews, you should get a 100 on your DBA. Not my answer.
  • Hahawowoh
thank you! i got a 100 so Im happy :)

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