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1. What are some of the positive changes in South Africa since the end of apartheid? What are some of the continuing challenges in the African nation? 2. Why do you think there are still so many problems in South Africa even though apartheid officially ended 15 years ago? 3. Should people in the United States pay attention to what is happening in South Africa? Why or why not? 4. Does the legacy of apartheid compare with the legacy of racism in the United States? I understand this stuff but wanted some fresh perspectives and ideas. I am helping a friend study for her quarterly project, and I was needing something new. Thank you in advance! <3
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well for starters it was the end of segragation and a meens to be equal with each other, second people could sell there goods to people of other ethnicities and vice versa so it was an overall boost to the econemy, third people could get better schools to learn in so the literacy rate went relativly higher so inturn people started to earn more mony and stuff
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I already knew that basically, but you are the only one who has responded so far. Thank you!
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Also that only partially answered the first one...

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