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Which sentence contains a misplaced modifier? A. With a hop and a skip, the door opened, and a little girl came in. B. To our surprise, she began a little dance in front of us. C. We smiled our approval and nodded to each other. D. What a delightful after-dinner show you have given us! A. Slowly, the sky began turning from bright blue to dark gray. B. A boy walked with a book to the library in his right hand. C. He opened his umbrella but was soon soaked anyway. D. Thunder rumbled loudly, and raindrops fell on the boy's head.
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misplaced modifier 3. A. Sometimes a mouse skitters through the barn with a little squeak and finds something to eat. B. Cheese, pumpkin seeds, and apples all make delicious treats for mice. C. A mouse uses a lot of energy, so it eats a lot of food. D. Many a mouse has found scraps of food in the barn. 4. A. I stepped up to the line and threw a perfect gutter ball. B. Down the lane and past the pins, my friends laughed at the sad path of my ball. C. I had never heard of rental shoes or even been in an alley. D. Bowling was new to me before that fateful day last July. 5. Which words in the sentence are an appositive phrase? His car, a new minivan, has been kept in the garage. A. has been kept B. a new minivan C. his car D. in the garage

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