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How can I better this essay? Any suggestions or opinions on teens use of social media and how it may be a positive influence in their lives?
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Social media has a potential to be a positive resource for teens when used appropriately. The vast majority of teens in the United States use social media in some way or form daily. There can be many benefits surrounding the use of social media although these benefits are on a controversial level. My parents always say, “Put your phone down, when I was your age I didn’t even have social media.” This puts it into perspective on whether social media has a positive effect on teens from parents’ point of view. Social Medias such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook arguably have the ability to improve teen’s social life by strengthening relationships. “Social media helps teens stay connected to each other even if they are a thousand miles away,” notes an article on the website called youth voices. While it is true that using social media can help teens to connect with their friends who may be long distance, or shy friends who are too timid to socialize face to face. Social media could also be depriving teens of the natural interaction that humans need to go about a healthy social life. Even though there are many other ways to see what goes on in the world, social media is a fast way for teens to check up on things anywhere they wish to. Social media may also help teens to understand these things that are going on in the world because their peers can put things into a more appropriate form for their specific audience. As a teen who uses social media often I can say that I rely on social media for updates on football games, school events, and politics. The biggest benefit that I think social media provides is the chance for teens to express themselves. When they have the pressures of school, work, sports, and other activities pushing them a certain way, social media has no limits (except legally) in which these teens express themselves personally without being directly judged. Social media makes it easy for teens to give out their opinions and get feedback and input from others on issues surrounding themselves and the world around them. One of the greatest concerns in a recent study has been depression from social media. Some things on social media are emphasizing social standards that teens think they have to conform to in order to be happy and content with their own lives. With the excessive amounts of social media that teens are exposed to they are prone to depression. Also kids who are already predisposed to anxiety using social media are at risk for setting off the anxiety within. Another big concern when it comes to teens using social media is addiction. Social media becomes dangerous when teens are cutting out normal teen things for social media, such as getting homework done, getting out of the house, taking part in activities and sports. Therefore, in order for social media to be a positive influence for teens it should be used in moderation.

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