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Explain the relationship between light intensity and the daily rhythm of flowers opening.
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@tabethap eeww... relationship between flowers...?? LOL hmm... Flower opening and closure are traits of a reproductive syndrome, as it allows pollen removal and/or pollination. \(Example\): In tulip petals, for example, the upper and lower sides of the mesophyll exhibit a 10 °C difference in optimum temperature for elongation growth, resulting in opening in the morning and closure in the evening. \(Rhythm~Light:\) Both phytochrome and a blue light receptor seem involved in light perception. In some species, opening and closure are regulated by an endogenous rhythm, which, in all cases investigated, can be reset by changes from dark to light and/or light to dark. \(Opening~is~caused:\) Opening is generally due to cell expansion. Osmotic solute levels increase by the conversion of polysaccharides (starch or fructan) to monosaccharides, and/or the uptake of sugars from the apoplast. Repeated opening and closure movements are often brought about by differential elongation. \(Except:\) Arabidopsis mutants have not been used to investigate the timing of flower opening and closure. \(Rhythm~in~flower~~brings:\) The time of flower opening marks the onset of a period in which pollinators will be attracted, leading to pollen removal in male and bisexual flowers and to pollination, fertilization and seed set in female and bisexual flowers. In many species the flowers are open permanently, whereby the opening period is terminated by a closure movement, or is terminated by petal withering or abscission. In other species, periods of opening are alternated by periods of closure. \(Plants~Like:\) In Oenothera biennis, for example, full opening takes less than 20 min (Sigmond, 1930b) and in Hedera helix it occurs in about 5 min (Sigmond, 1929b). \(Nice~to~meet~you~!!\)

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