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Help with essay and filling in study questions on short stories... Check my answers and refresh my memory. One of the stories I have not read yet . (11 short stories)
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“The Cask of Amontillado” 1) At the beginning of the story, Poe tells the reader what the “insult” is that motivates the murder of Fortunato. 2) The story is set in the catacombs of the Montressor estate in Italy. 3) When Montesor first encounters Fortunato, he is dressed in a costume. The costume is that of a ………… 4) When Fortunato questions Montresor about being in the “brotherhood” (a member of the Masonic Lodge), Montresor pulls out a ___________ from underneath his roquelaire. 5) As the two traverse the catacombs, they drink Merlot and DeGrave. 6) The focal theme of the story is __________. “The Story of an Hour” 1) Brently Mallard is killed in a train wreck. 2) Richard’s is the friend of both the Mallards. 3) The scene that unfolds before Louise Mallard while she sits upstairs in her bedroom symbolizes what? 4) Louise Mallard feels “Free! Body and soul free!” from what? 5) “When the doctors came they said she [Louise] had died of heart disease—of joy that kills.” Louise died of what?

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