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Help?? 1. The narrator in “The Book of Sand” describes the book he buys as infinite and (1 point) monstrous predictable enlightening invisible 2. The story “And of Clay Are We Created” is based on an actual Colombian __________. (1 point) blizzard mudslide hurricane tsunami 3. In the story “When Greek Meets Greek,” Fraser Gives Ram_____ (1 point) a turban some money an address a newspaper 4. In the short story “Girls Can We Educate We Dads?,” the dad thinks that ________________must be bad. (1 point) having a boyfriend telling jokes dancing with boys walking at night
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1. In "The Book of Sand", the narrator describes the book as "infinite" (more pages seemed to sprout from the front and back with every page he turned) and "monstrous" (he refuses to go outside, sits and pours over the book for long periods of time, has temporary insanity over the fear of having the book stolen). 2. The author of "And Of Clay Are We Created" based her story off of the earthquake of 1985 in Colombia. It follows the story of a girl, Omayra Sanchez (victim of the quake), and Rolf Carlé. 3. In "When Greek Meets Greek", Fraser gives Ram the address of a landlord. The address of the landlord that Fraser gives Ram is the address of a landlord who rents to Indians. 4. In "Girls, Can We Educate Dads?" the dad thinks that "a girl walkin' night street mus' be bad". This story is representing gender roles, and how a girl will always be just a female to her father, and nothing more. The line "a girl walkin' night street mus' be bad" shows how the father thinks that girls bring rape upon themselves.

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