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1. Why does john tell Elizabeth to cut some flowers? What does the author reveal about their relationship? 2. In the church scene, what are some specific details that you notice about the historical accuracy of the puritan time period. 3. Describe Hale when we first meet him - what are his beliefs about witchcraft, the town, etc? 4. Why do you think the girls join in the accusations? 5. Describe john and Elisabeth's relationship as they eat lunch together.6. what kinds of people do the girls first accuse? Why choose those people?
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7. what does Marry Warren give to Elizabeth?Why?What motivates her to do this? 8. When Mary Warren Confesses, what does Abigail pretend to see? What is her purpose in doing this? 9. Who does Abigail unsuccessfully try to accuse next? Why? 10. what does this unsuccessful attempt say about Danforth? 11. The opening dialogue makes the audience aware that some of the accused are mad and the jailer is drunk. Why would miller represent them in this way? what is he saying about the whole trial? 12. the leaders putt great pressure on John Proctor to accept guilt and name others. What is their motive for emphasizing the impact of his confession?

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