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How do the soldiers' feelings about Macbeth in Act I differ from their later feelings about him in Act V? A. In Act I, they think he is brave and honorable; in Act V, they think he is an insane tyrant who must be defeated. B. In Act I, they are frightened of his fierceness; in Act V, they are afraid of what horrible crimes he will commit next. C. In Act I, they are jealous of his rise to power; in Act V, they feel sorry for him and the burdens he bears. D. In Act I, they think he is a bully; in Act V, they believe he will make a good king if given enough time to rule.
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Lady Macbeth started out as a practical, organized, intelligent but ambitious character in the play 'Macbeth'. She was focused and motivated in setting and reaching goals for herself and her husband. She told her husband not to think about the murders of King Duncan and the two royal guards. She said that thinking served no purpose other than to drive one mad. That sentence was prophetic. By the end of the play, she suffered from so much mental anguish that it incapacitated her. The craziness even led her to take her own life. Macbeth started out as a hardworking, career military officer. He tried to do a good job, and liked the recognition of work well done. He tended to be a good person, but was manipulable and ambitious. At first, Macbeth's good side predominated. But raging, uncontrollable ambition led him more and more to the dark side. Ultimately, he became as focused, maniacal, and tunnel visioned as his wife previously had been. The more heinous and widespread were the crimes that he committed, the more mental he became.

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