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Which of the following best expresses the author​'s ​argument? A. Art is always an expression of one​'s psyche. B. All children are naturally artistic and creative. C. Our creativity is formed in childhood and set for life. D. Denying children creative outlets hurts them later.
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Children​'s Creativity 1. Our own creativity is developed when we are children. Our basic attitudes about art are also shaped during childhood. Artistic efforts are among our most personal actions. As a​ result, children tend to be particularly at risk to​ disinterest, demeaning​ comparisons, and disparaging remarks about such efforts. To ignore or belittle creative expression is like saying your expression is not​ worthwhile; therefore, you are not worthwhile. Natural creative drives should not be blocked. They can become the sources of antisocial behavior. 2. ​Art-making processes provide the means to give constructive form to our own insights and experiences. Expressing their innermost​ concerns, attitudes,​ beliefs, feelings, and thoughts is natural for people of all ages. To deny children the development of these aspects of their natures is to deny them answers to the basic questions of life. It lessens their humanity. And it puts their futures at risk.
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