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1. Complete the following sentence. Juan es estudioso. Le gusta (1 point) cantar. leer. esquiar. bailar. 2. Complete the following sentence. Marisol es una chica (1 point) simpática. simpático. simpáticas. simpáticos. 3. What is the correct way to say "the serious boy" in Spanish? (1 point) la seria chica elserio chico el chico serio la chica seria 4. What is the correct way to say "a talented girl" in Spanish? (1 point) la chica talentosa una chica talentosa un chico talentoso el chico talentoso
MIT 21F Spanish I - IV (OCW)
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part 2 5. Which sentence shows correct order and agreement between articles, nouns, and adjectives? (1 point) Roberto es un chico muy reservado. Roberto es un muy reservado chico. Roberto es un muy reservado chico. Roberto es un muy chico reservado. Roberto un es chico reservado muy. 6. What is the culturalsignificance of dominoes to people in the Spanish­speaking world? (1 point) They came to the New world via Spain. They encourage people to spend time outside. They are an important connection to the past. They give an opportunity to practice numbers. 7. Where did the dominoes originate before spreading throughout the Spanish­speaking world? (1 point) Miami México and Cuba The United States Spain 8. What type of animal is ElCadejo? (1 point) cat dog horse bird 9. What do the two different cadejos represent? (1 point) good and evil day and night sky and earth water and fire 10. According to the legend of ElCadejo, why did God create the white cadejo? (1 point) to protect humans to fight good to teach humans to defeat the devil
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1. Complete the following sentence. Juan es estudioso. Le gusta (1 point) cantar means sing leer means read esquiar to skate bailar means to dance Pick the one that goes with studying
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2. Adjectives have to agree in number (singular/plural) and gender (feminine/masculine). endings: -as/-a: feminine plural/singular -os/-o: masculine plural/singular Marisol is "she" ans is only one person. 3. 2 and 3 options are correct, but in the spoken language is more common the three one. Remember "el/la/lo/los/las are the definite article "the". 4. Remember un/una are indefinite articles: a/an, (but this doesn't mean that they are corresponding each to other). 5. The one and two options are correct, but is more common the fisrt one. 6. I'm not sure. I know they came via Spain to the New World. But it's so common to see people playing domino outside in a lot of Hispanic countries. Then, I think this last one is your answer. 7. Obviously, in Spain. But dominoes originated in China. 8. A dog. 9. Good and evil. 10. To protect humans.

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