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What might be true based on the details in the​ passage? A. The grandmother and mother both seem concerned. B. The grandmother does not share the same worry as the mother. C. The mother feels overworked. D. This is a normal day for the people in the passage.
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Waiting In the living​ room, the grandmother sat in her usual chair. She looked down at her lap while one hand absently stroked the other. The mother pressed several​ men's shirts, one after the​ other, and hung them on hangers with more than the usual thump of her iron and clanking of the hangers. Every few minutes she glanced at the wall​ clock, with a worried twitch of her eyebrows.​ Davey, the​ 10-year-old, ran into the room and turned on the television. But the mother pushed past​ him, snapped it​ off, and gritted between her​ teeth, open double quote“You ​can't have that idiot box on ​tonight!close double quote” He opened his mouth in​ surprise, then turned and ran out. Once​ again, the iron​ thumped, the shirt hangers clanked. To the two​ women, the hands of the clock seemed to be paralyzed.
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well i've narrowed it down to a or b but im not sure
  • kianna2257
I am pretty sure it's a, because the grandmother is absentmindedly stroking her hand and the mother well the mother is obvious. also at the end the the hands of the clock seemed paralyzed that could mean to the two women time was going to slow for them to handle.

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