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Why do you think the beginning and end of the story describe Kevin putting his hand in his father’s coat pocket? How does this motif connect to and develop the theme and mood within the story?
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Answer:The author uses the motif of the father’s coat pocket to symbolize the protection of a father’s love. The coat pocket is deep and comforting: Kevin would dig into the pocket deep down almost to his elbow and pull out a handful of coins speckled with bits of yellow and black tobacco. His father also smelt of porter, not his breath, for he never drank but from his clothes and Kevin thought it mixed nicely with his grown up smell. He loved to smell his pyjama jacket and the shirts he left off for washing. At the end of the story, Kevin sticks his hand in his father’s coat pocket and decides to lie to him to protect him: “All right.” They kept silent until they reached the corner of their own street. “What about the Latin?” Kevin faltered, feeling a babyish desire to cry. “How was it?” “OK. Fine.” “Good. I was a bit worried about it. It was done in a bit of a rush. Son, your Da’s a genius.” He smacked him with the paper again. Kevin laughed and slipped his hand into the warmth of his father’s overcoat pocket, deep to the elbow. The descriptions of the coat pocket contribute to the warm and comforting mood of Kevin’s home scenes. The author implies that the pain and humiliation Kevin faces at school is unable to affect Kevin negatively because he has a loving father and family. This family’s love helps Kevin mature into a kind and caring person. The experience shows Kevin that his father is not perfect, and he can make mistakes. It also shows him that some people may look down on his father. But instead of being disappointed, Kevin holds onto his love for his father and makes the decision to protect him the only way he can.-Plato Answers

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