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In Georgia, the earliest earthen and rock mounds date back to the Middle Woodland Period. How were the mounds used during this period? A) to define social status B) to serve as burial sites C) to expand farming territory Eliminate D) to attract large game animals
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to serve as burial sites
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what he said
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The Middle Woodland culture of northeast Iowa were influenced by the Hopewell culture of the Ohio and Illinois river valleys. Two characteristics that indicate a Hopewell influences in Middle Woodland Indians of northeast Iowa are the burial rituals and the presence of exotic materials acquired through the extensive Hopewell trading networks. Along with burials are found ornamental copper in the form of breastplates, beads and rolled copper that was worn as jewelry. Obsidian from the Yellowstone area is found as ceremonial points in the burials, as well as shells from the Gulf Coast and mica from the Appalachian region. The source of the copper is believed to be the Keewanaw Peninsula of Upper Michigan. All of these indicate extensive trade network across North America. The presence of cultural diffusion is also possible but not well documented.

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