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Which items are examples of human-environmental interaction? road construction meteorites home building coal deposits gold mines
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Well an easier thing to do would be to explain @tacotime not just tell them the answer. How will they learn otherwise? Okay so examples of human and environmental interaction eh? This entire question and problem is very easy, now the question is very vague in its terms so I'm wondering, is it just in general human and environmental interaction or something else? road construction is first on the chopping block. So road construction is one of the prime shown facts that humans have altered the environment to fit their own need. So that's an interaction. Okay next... meteorites...This one is common sense so I'm not going to explain why it's **NOT** a choice. So just shoot this one and dump the body, it's utterly useless. NEXT! home building. STORY TIMEEEEEEEE. Mankind in its present state has been around for a quarter of a million years, yet only the last few thousand have been of significance. So what did we do before recorded history? We huddled in caves around fires fearful of the things we could not explain. It wasn't about how the sun rises and fail each day but about enormous birds with heads of men and living stones with a thirst of blood. Human blood. OKAY moving on from that little creepypasta (SCP Foundation look it up.) I actually put the story for a reason. Because basically before we had houses we were at the mercy of nature. Fun, I know. coal deposits, how do you get the coal? YOU MINE OF COURSE! and mining involves breaking the ground. You figure that out. gold mines, MORE MINES HUZZAH! Same answer as the last one.

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