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Can someone help me please, on this question it will be much appreciated x Projects which faith communities organise have no effect on local communitites. They just make believers feel good. Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer showing that you have thought about more than one point of view.
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In my community there are services by local church groups. One has a weekly, Saturday. free lunch program, generally used by those on SSI because in our small commnity there are few or no homeless. Other church outlets suppy free food on a weekly or monthly basis. Personally I spend more than $300 a month on my food costs and I know a individuals generally gets less than $200 a month in food stamps for their's, that's quit a gap and they still must purchase their own supplements, if their cognizant of the need. For those who complain of the burden of supporting these disabled, must be to get SSD and SSI which happens to be 10% of our populace, and want to reduce their assistance even more, thinking they have a life of luxuary not having to work, must ask if they're willing to live on such a low economic scale and go through what these people have. The only truth about not supporting these individuals is what was done in Germany in 1939, their eliminations quick and to the point not a slow death as some propose today.

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