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Other than women and racial and ethnic minorities, name two groups that have fought, over the past few decades, for greater recognition of their civil rights? Why are these groups entitled to civil rights protections in the U.S.?
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Groups based on sexual orientation, most importantly homosexuals, have long been involved in the fight for equality and greater recognition of their civil rights. Advocacy groups such as the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, the Lesbian Rights Project, and Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders were founded by gay and lesbian activists in the 1970's. While garnering some success on the issue of HIV/AIDS discrimination, insurance policy survivor benefits, and even some employment issues, they generally have not been as successful as other legally disadvantaged groups.The court decision Lawrence vs. Texas reversed Bowers Vs. Howard which declared private acts of consensual sodomy to be illegal and unconstitutional. Under the the due process clause, Homosexuals have the right to engage in their own conduct without intervention by the government.

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