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What is the author's purpose of using dialogue in this excerpt of 'The Necklace'
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When she sat down to dinner at her round table with its three-day-old cloth, and watched her husband opposite her lift the lid of the soup tureen and exclaim, delighted: "Ah, a good homemade beef stew! There's nothing better..." she would visualize elegant dinners with gleaming silver amid tapestried walls peopled by knights and ladies and exotic birds in a fairy forest; she would think of exquisite dishes served on gorgeous china, and of gallantries whispered and received with sphinx-like smiles while eating the pink flesh of trout or wings of grouse. She had no proper wardrobe, no jewels, nothing. And those were the only things that she loved--she felt she was made for them. She would have so loved to charm, to be envied, to be admired and sought after.
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