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Dozens of local musicians showed up yesterday to participate in the fourth annual Celebration of Music Education. It was held at the downtown public library. Musicians were between the ages of 11 and 17. The event is put on each year to raise awareness of the benefits of music education programs. The celebration also raises money to help fund these programs. Each participant played a song that he or she wrote for the program. Musicians appeared solo and as parts of larger groups. Song subjects varied from a favorite Popsicle flavor to the difficulty of succeeding on final exams. Several songs were even about the meaning of life. These kids were talented! Many in the audience were tapping their feet to the beat. Several civic leaders were in attendance. They were there to show their support for the important cause. Mayor Trisha McGown spoke during a break between musical acts. She said, “These children are our future. I want to be certain that the creative abilities of these kids are properly cultivated before they lead the world.” 18 Which of these best summarizes the passage? A. The Celebration of Music Education is an annual program held to raise awareness of the benefits of music education and to raise funds. B. The Celebration of Music Education was held yesterday and featured students performing many types of songs solo and with larger groups. C. The Celebration of Music Education was attended by many civic leaders who wanted to show their support for the important cause. D. The Celebration of Music Education, featuring student performances and attended by civic leaders, was held yesterday at the library.

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