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what do unicorns eat jk lol
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Unicorns are herbivorous and are just the magical relative of the horse. They can eat what a horse eats like hay and oats as their normal meal. To get their full and magical nutrients they must eat powerful and exotic species of flora. They also do not need to drink water, as they water sprites (A Unicorn's magical ability is to purify water along with a number of other magical powers). They prefer flowers that live near waterfalls, such as the rare and magical Neptune's Frog Trap (in which they eat the flower buds, not the whole plant itself). If your Unicorn is part Pegasi on the otherhand, they are Air sprites and will eat tree-top fruits, such as the rare and mysterious fruit of the Giant Tiger-Striped Dream Oak of Madagascar (Otherwise known as a Lux Fruit because of the bright and shiny diamond-like meat inside). Half Pegasi Unicorns DO need to drink water, keep that in mind. Keeping a salt-lick for your Unicorn is very important too. Now please do close your question if it was answered.

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