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Describe FOUR possible effects on the population in areas where the earthquake had the most impact. for Haiti
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1.the structural damages caused by the earthquake are amongst the major concerns. Hundreds of thousands of buildings plummeted to the ground including homes, the presidential palace, and even the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission. 2. In addition to these building damages the ports in this nation’s capital were ruined by the collapse of several cranes. As a result supplies were not only lost but the entrance for aiding ships were temporarily inhibited. Haiti’s closest airport, Aeroport International Toussaint LOuverture, was also damaged thereby diverting planes bringing relief to other airports (Ivy). 3.the few roads that were paved in Haiti were left cracked and flooded with cars damaged by the earthquake, making transportation in and out of Haiti nearly impossible. 4.With Haiti already notorious for its high unemployment rates, the earthquake only furthered the nation’s problem.the majority of Haiti’s agriculture and industries were destroyed in the earthquake, causing unemployment levels to skyrocket.

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