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Tips for a killer application essay?
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As the application essay can have a critical effect upon your progress toward a career, you should spend significantly more time, thought, and effort on it. @jaylelile
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If the application essay is for college, here are a couple tips: 1.) Don't center your essay on your accomplishments. Colleges/ Universities have plenty football captains, head cheerleaders, chess club champions, and etc. applying. There is more to you than your accomplishments. You will be asked to name your honors, awards, and extracurricular activities in the application. Unless the essay topic specifically asks, don't make it completely about them. Personal essays are meant to highlight what goes on inside. Admissions often want to see students that are unique. They want to see the ideal candidate in their school that would have room for growth. They want to see what goes on behind the academics to understand you more. Are you a child of an immigrant? Are you a first generation college student? Domestic violence survivor? We have many things to us that make us unique and we don't realize it. They are more likely to take a student who is a minority, female, and a first generation college student who wants to go to the computer industry than a football caption who talked about how many games he won. Essays allow us to make our voices heard. To shed light on things an application won't say. 2.) Proof read and edit. I can't stress that one enough. If you want to go into a good school, please make sure your work isn't mediocre. You want to stand out, and a few minutes into an essay could do just that. Have your English teacher go over it. The grand majority of the time, they don't mind helping a student out with their essays. Just be sure to give the teacher plenty of time to review. Remember they aren't being paid for the extra load you gave them and they do have other students to think about. You would be surprised who well they would word something better than you could. 3.) Keep your mind open. Inspiration sometimes hits us at the weirdest times. It may not seem relevant at the moment, but that minor detail could be the thing that sets you apart from other potential candidates. 4.) Reread. Go over your essay. Does it capture the picture you wanted to paint for admissions? Are you happy with what you wrote? Do you feel like it is complete? Is the tone like you wanted it to sound? It is important that you review at the very end of the process. Make sure you feel like you have done the very best you could. Don't through something together the day before and think your chances are just as good as anyone else's. Give yourself time to do these things and reflect on them.

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