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What was the main issue relating to Reconstruction that divided Republicans at the end of the Civil War?
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the main issue that divided republicans was the between the moderate and radicals the moderate groups, (Lincoln) wanted to bring the south back into the union quickly Radical- wanted severe punishment/limitations and restrictions on the southern states and their reentry into the union
  • Koikkara
\(\color{blue}{\huge\tt{Welcome~}}\) \(\huge\mathcal{to}\) \(\color{red}{\huge\tt{Open~Study~!}}\) It was between the increasingly radical faction of the Republican party (hence Radical Republicans) and the more moderate Republicans like Lincoln. After the War, the Radical coalition demanded many changes, such as civil rights for freedmen, abolition of slavery, and harsh penalties on ex-Confederates e.g. those involved in local government. Radicals managed to push a Reconstruction program through the Congress which they dominated, however Lincoln swiftly vetoed the Act in 1864. Lincoln and like-minded moderate Republicans sought gradual change without seeking to upset the balance of the union and thus avoided excessive punishment of ex-Confederates and planned to re-compensate those whose slaves were liberated. @a_hatz \(\color{blue}{\huge\tt{Nice~}}\) \(\huge\mathcal{to~meet~}\) \(\color{red}{\huge\tt{You~!}}\)

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