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Will FAN AND MEDAL!!! Identify the controlling idea in this passage. It is written out in two sections. What two sections of this text state that controlling idea? Remember: The controlling idea is WHAT a writer wants to say about a topic. @imqwerty @Crissy15 @Rushwr @dmndlife24 @haleyelizabeth2017 @GreenCat @LazyBoy @Aureyliant @AaronAndyson @yomamabf @MTALHAHASSAN2 @jabez177
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The Ultimate Fighting Championship Mary O'Dell American interest in mixed martial arts is growing. Both male and female athletes are invited to compete, although this sport is not recommended for the prima donna. This full contact fighting combines various martial arts techniques so fighters with different styles can compete against each other. This intriguing sport has convinced more than one athlete that he is not, in fact, the alpha and the omega! Many people think that all combative sports should be strictly monitored and regulated by state commissions. It is obvious that the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is an organization that promotes combative athletic events. State athletic commissions should strictly monitor and regulate the UFC. The first reason regulation is needed can be traced to the origins of the UFC. Early contests did not have enough rules; groin strikes and head butts were allowed. Surprisingly, even fish hooking, which can result in permanent damage, was permitted. Promoters should never be given carte blanche. The second reason is that reform did not come until political pressure produced bans of certain UFC events. Ignoring public outcries of brutality was a huge faux pas. Damaging image problems and decreasing profits eventually motivated the UFC to work with state athletic commissions to give athletes a safer and fairer competition. We must keep pressure on the promoters. Even competitors with Herculean strength deserve a fair fight. Finally, the third and most important reason is that mixed martial arts is dangerous. Serious injuries and deaths have been linked with early events. Tragically, even some gifted athletes who seemed to have the Midas touch have fallen victim to unregulated fights. State commissions must ensure that rules are in place and enforced; rules that celebrate the competitive spirit while protecting the fighters. Without a watchdog group, the sport would become a Pandora’s box. Nothing is more troublesome than unchecked violence. Can you imagine a fight without rules called the Bloody Battle of Odin and Thor? However, we must take into consideration the claims that too many rules actually encourage shady promoters to arrange unsanctioned “no holds barred” matches. Serious injuries would increase. Without a doubt, fans are drawn to the battles. But most fans share an esprit de corps. They are interested in a fair fighting match to determine physical and strategic superiority. The thrill is cheering for the best fighter, the one who can adapt to any style the opponent uses. So, of course, common rules like addressing time limits and weight classes are important areas for continued regulation. This will help keep the fights fair. Having considered both sides of the argument, I must conclude that the UFC needs to be closely monitored and regulated in a consistent manner by state athletic commissions. Doing so will protect the world’s best fighters and create a status quo that will produce exciting Olympic level matches.
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Monitoring and regulation of the UFC is what I would say. While the first section does talk about American interest in mixed martial arts, that is more of an introduction to the main concept rather than being the main concept. Hope I could help! :)

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