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geography has no effect on how people live true or false
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False. Geography is everything around us. It shows us where people live, and what climates. If you need to get somewhere, say a road trip you need geography to read a map and see where you are!
  • ronlover101
false cause, Geography determines the physical conditions in which one has to live. These conditions include topography, soil type, climate patterns, natural resources, vegetation, ecosystem, etc. Different places have different geographical features and influence the life style and habits of the people residing in that region. For example, someone living in Hawaii does not have to worry about snowfall or excess cold weather and hence has no need of warm clothes. Compare that to someone residing in Siberia or the Himalayas, where snow is a part of life and warm clothing is part of life. Other examples are the flood-prone parts of India, or hurricane-prone Eastern Seaboard of the US, or earthquake-prone regions of Japan. The type of housing required would be different in all these cases. The type of vegetation that grows in a place is also a function of its geography and determines the food habits of the people residing there. Many people even base their career choices on their geographical location.

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