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It doesn't take much of this stuff to cause serious problems. What is the BEST way to revise sentence number (12)? A)Change the word 'much' to 'many.' B)Change the word 'doesn't' to 'does.' C)Substitute the word 'product' for the word 'stuff.' D)Substitute the word 'critical' for the word 'serious.'
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Everyone knows that a home should be "child-proof" to protect young babies and toddlers from illness and injury. (2) Pets are also in danger from many common household sources which many people don't realize. (3) Pets can chew and swallow seemingly safe things, resulting in disaster. (4) It may seem perfectly harmless to toss a pet a grape or a raisin as a treat, but these can be very deadly. (5) Although the exact cause is not known, gastrointestinal problems will result after a pet ingests grapes or raisins. (6) Kidney failure frequently occurs. (7) Flowering plants, when eaten by pets, can also be lethal. (8) Lilies are especially toxic to cats by causing kidney failure. (9) Azaleas and rhododendrons can lead to serious problems for dogs. (10) Vomiting, diarrhea, and central nervous system problems can result. (11) Small amounts of Xylitol, an artificial sweetener used in sugar-free candy, chewing gum, cookies, and other baked goods, can cause low blood sugar and liver damage in dogs. (12) It doesn't take much of this stuff to cause serious problems. (13) There are many other common household items that are hazardous to pets. (14) All pet owners should educate themselves about these items and the effects that they have on pets. (15)Every effort should be made to "pet-proof" homes to provide safe and healthy environments for pets.
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I think C maybe D but probably C

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