• DullJackel09
Once the lights go off ( B03 rap with alt chorus)
  • Stacey Warren - Expert brainly.com
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  • DullJackel09
( Verse 1) Morality is lowered as my brothers are killed beside me morals are questioned with every advancement in science questions about my humanity arise im not sure what i am anymore whether im dead or still alive whether this is a nightmare or reality it all seems so twisted mankind fears what they dont know so tell me what bothers you more the darkness in our hearts or the silence we remain in because of the guilt which condemns us tearing the breath right out of your lungs in secret taking toll the fear of death or the curiosity of the unknown as viruses outbreak in distant countries connected to each other by DNI but im more distant than ever from the soldiers iv come to call family. (Bridge) Im a product of my own regrets my mind has gone black I can never go back embrace my newfound body im bound by and stand up iv gone black accepting the damnation fate sends me to and burn in the fires my past is nothing more than embers which ignite me a hollow shell is what remains as i desynchronize from reality. (Chorus x2) Once the lights go off expect them to never flip on again let it take control and ride through your veins once you go black you can never go back you can feel it taking over the choices I make now are nothing more than a monument to my sins the darkness I use to conceal myself will eventually consume me the secrets which I hold don’t come without bodies piling up against me continually Iv gone black and im never going back forced down to reckoning. (Alt Chorusx2) Rifles,dog tags and bodies fall to the floor as the fight for freedom goes through crimson rivers my hands tire as i create hollow husks where souls once resided my brothers and sisters charge beside me into the heat of battle i'll let fate decide the outcome has i go black. (Verse 2) The only power i need to stop you is the weapon in my hand im the weaponized silence they send to creep in the darkness seeking out all your dirty secrets the grim reaper sent back from the grave in black not stopping till iv taken everything from you death comes in a variety of ways but yours will come without mercy flesh and bone rewired me and my brothers hardwired linked together we work in harmony death doesn't scare me it only breaks my mind Neural network activated time for some covert wetwork operations dont expect to see a face shhhh listen to the silence when the age of ISIS strikes thats all that will fill the air with the stench of the dead.

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