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can someone give me ideas on this poem, please? Thanks!!!
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I should let you go, you told me so. Tears in my eyes fill with pain from my heart. Another day without you, Another day where the sun is covered in darkness, I found you in my memories I found you in my broken heart. Standing in the cold rain, your warmth was all I ever wanted… You're not coming back…. Where are you now? Are you afraid? When I stopped searching for you... Will I ever see you again? Because I still here, Still breathing now, Breathe through the pain in my chest. I was left alone, I had to stay, I hate you because I love you I hate you, I hate us, I hate this lost love… Tried to walk straight in this place, Night is going dark, there was no more hope…. I found no peace in this city, I wrote my last letter Too hard to say goodbye, to you, to everyone I drove myself up the mountain, looked at the stars, All memories about you, about us, was wasted away. I took a deep sigh, looked far away in the cold cloud I saw the sun rises with my heart beating slow I saw myself smiling, silly. Hot tears touched my checks I felt warmth in your warm hands I saw the light, was that heaven? I not sure anymore Found myself laying silently in the white room Roses, letters, people were looking down on me I saw you, I smiled Touched your face, your tears, it so warm You looked so distance, was it my fault? Our rings drowned in your tears Your love ended in me Close your eyes my dear, Hold your breath my love Words, I will say the last, Love that will fade away, We'll separate apart. Free from you, free from me, free from this wrong love Peace was nowhere to find, to feel Either it was for you or for me, it was the end Goodbye, to you, to me, to this love I told you not to cry, yet you did With all your strength, you held me back, To your dreams, your memories, your broken heart... You saved me, my image In the darkest part of your heart I'm fading away, you broke down, Tears and screamed in the dark, There was light, you said, If, if, I had stayed, here, with you.

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