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I need help transposing! 1. Analyze the melody by studying the notation and determining the key. You will be using the flute part for the violin and the trombone part for the cello. (You may want to print out a copy of the composition so it's easier to read and refer to.) 2. Decide on the best method of transposition, since you'll need to transpose the original melody to the key of A major. Create a duet score with the violin part on the top line and the cello part on the bottom line.
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Well, I can't help you extensively because that's a lot of freakin' work that I don't have time for, but I will say that it's pretty easy to find the key because the first instrument (the flute), plays in concert pitch so you know that the concert pitch will be in 2 flats. According to the circle of fifths that would be the key of Bb or G minor. It looks like it ends in a major chord so it's most likely Bb major. Trombone is concert pitch as well. All string instruments are concert pitch as well you're basically looking at moving from a Bb major to A major which is drop of one half step. So basically just drop everything in the flute and trombone parts by a half step and that should be your violin and cello parts. Cello parts are most frequently written in the bass clef so I assume you would just keep it from the trombone part. Also remember from the circle of fifths that A major plays in 3 sharps. Hope this helps.
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It does help, I just needed somewhere to start. Thank you!

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