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You should now be familiar with the process of acting on public policy issues. Use this knowledge and your work from the lesson to create a presentation on your chosen issue. Your presentation should be created in a formal style. One important element of formal writing is using third person point-of-view. The sentence, “I am concerned that this policy will not address the issue”, is written from first person point-of-view because it uses the pronoun “I.” The sentence, “There are many concerns that this policy will not address the issue”, is written from third person point-of-view. In formal writing, use third person point-of-view. While you won’t really present your work to a government agency, you should prepare your presentation as if you will be sharing it with a group of very important government officials. Make your work shine! Steps Student meeting official © 2011 AP Images Complete your CAP file carefully. It contains most of the information you need to finish your assessment! Choose a state or local issue. Be sure to have your teacher and parent or guardian approve your choice of issue. Choose a format for your presentation. You may choose one of the following: letter to a newspaper editor slideshow presentation video or podcast Your presentation should address all the following questions: What is your chosen issue? What background information did you gather about this issue? What government agencies and citizen groups would likely address the issue? Are there laws or other rules related to the issue? What is the ultimate goal to address this issue? (In other words, how will you know the problem is solved?) What are the public policy alternatives to address the issue? What are the positives and negatives for each possible policy alternative? Based on your research, which public policy is the best to address the issue? Support your answer with facts. What is the best plan to get the policy enacted? Be sure to include a list of at least three sources of information. Set time aside to revise your work. Reading your work over thoroughly will help you identify areas that need improvement. You could have a trusted adult or peer review it as well. Revising your writing will make it more powerful. Keep in mind that your goal is to write in a formal style, as if your work will be presented to government officials. This activity will give you more tips for great persuasive writing.

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