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Help Story In Comments. Medal Will Be Awarded. Which two points of view are used in this excerpt from “Games at Twilight” by Anita Desai? A-third-person omniscient B-second person C-third-person limited D-first person
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Question Above. It then occurred to him that he could have slipped out long ago, dashed across the yard to the veranda, and touched the “den.” It was necessary to do that to win. He had forgotten. He had only remembered the part of hiding and trying to elude the seeker. He had done that so successfully, his success had occupied him so wholly, that he had quite forgotten tat success had to be clinched by that final dash to victory and the ringing cry of “Den!” With a whimper he burst through the crack, fell on his knees, got up, and stumbled on stiff, benumbed legs across the shadowy yard, crying heartily by the time he reached the veranda so that when he flung himself at the white pillar and bawled, “Den! Den! Den!” his voice broke with rage and pity at the disgrace of it all, and he felt himself flooded with tears and misery. Out on the lawn, the children stopped chanting. They all turned to stare at him in amazement. Their faces were pale and triangular in the dusk. The trees and bushes around them stood inky and sepulchral, spilling long shadows across them. They stared, wondering at his reappearance, his passion, his wild animal howling.

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