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A scientist finds an unusual object and decides to study it. Which observation indicates that the object is a living thing?
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Given that he will be studying it chemically, he shall find any DNA traces or carbon compounds and water in the organism, as these are bases substances for life.
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finding DNA is sign that it can be produced by a living organism. However in the laboratory you can produce totally artificial DNA by PCR reaction. First you have to define what do you mean for a "living thing". It means that it is alive or has life or can be death or it is a product from a living organism? Products of a living organism can be even more difficult to determine the origen Living thing Definition noun Any organism or a living form that possesses or shows the characteristics of life or being alive Supplement Living things are those that display the following characteristics an organized structure, being made up of a cell or cells requires energy to survive or sustain existence ability to reproduce ability to grow ability to metabolize ability to respond to stimuli ability to adapt to the environment ability to move ability to respire Examples of living things include the bacteria, protozoa, plants, fungi, animals, humans, etc. Viruses are not absolutely living or non-living. When outside their host, viruses are inactive and seemingly inanimate. When inside their host, they became active and alive, capable of utilizing the host cell's structures and replicate.

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