How can someone become a Moderator?
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How to become a Moderator: First rule: You must be 18+, due to legal issues. Second rule: You have to be, and act mature. Then you have to win the respect of this community through interaction, knowledge and the ability to interact and intervene in an appropriate manner. It is in big part based on participation, courtesy and respect. The most important thing is that you let the administrators and moderators know that you can see things going awry, and that you are willing to make some effort to solve/prevent it. And certainly NOT in a way like messaging them about how bad you want to be a moderator (this will only work contradictory), but they have to notice that you are up for the job. Then, when they decide they need more moderators, you might get asked. ◘ Being on the site for a fair amount of time. (usually more than 6 months) ◘ Be an good and active user on the site ◘ Having a squeaky clean abuse record. ◘ Have good rapport with fellow users. ◘ Having a good sense of justice. ◘ Being an expert in some field. Most of the mods are math geniuses. But any subject would suffice. ◘ Doing a great job in the ambassador program. In the ambassador training period, you'll learn how the rules work on OpenStudy and you'll learn how to make the right decisions. ◘ Hope you'll get lucky when they decide to add more moderators! ~thomaster

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