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4. Which of the following sentences from "Poor Fish" best supports the main character's internal conflict? (1 point) “Quite naturally, then, after coming to such conclusions, I was careful not to make advances to women.” “The only one I ever attempted to approach—a housemaid in the hotel—put me in my place with a very suitable word—’you poor fish,’ she said. “It was the first time that a woman, even a woman like Ida, had said things like this to me, and I lost my head. I gave her all the answers she wanted, and a great deal more as well.”(my answer) is this right?
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5. Read the following sentences from "Poor Fish." "So there was nothing to be done. For her I was one thing, for other people, another. But can you ever tell what women see, when they're in love?" Using ideas from these sentences, the reader can most likely conclude that the narrator (1 point) is ashamed of his inability to defend himself in front of Ida. remains bewildered regarding Ida's continuing adoration for him.(my answer) is angry with Ida for filling his head with silly ideas about himself. intends to end his relationship with Ida after his public humiliation. 6. Which of the following sentences from the text best supports the “love is blind” theme ? (1 point) “But, what a queer thing fate is: the last thing I should have expected was that, in that corner, in that very kitchen, I mean, somebody should come and catch me by surprise and pick me like a flower that has been hidden in the grass.” “Then, as we came out, she explained to me that she had been noticing me for some time, from the very day, it might even be said, that she had been taken on at the hotel.” “Filled with admiration, I said to Ida: ’Look at that! How I should like to be a trapezist! I should like to launch myself into the air and then catch hold of the trapeze with my legs!’" “At this, the woman started to laugh, and Ida, hissing like a viper, broke in: ‘There's nothing to laugh at...instead of laughing, you'd better stop rubbing yourself up against my husband...I suppose you think I didn't see you...You've been rubbing your arm up against him the whole time.’"(my answer)

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