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The race official waved the checkered flag. The race was too close to call! It was a photo finish! For the first time in racing history, it looked like there might be a three way tie. Race officials would need to review the footage to be sure. Tony began to think about all he had gone through to get to this point. In a well-developed paragraph, identify what technique the author uses to begin the story in the above excerpt. Explain why the author would choose to begin the story in this manner. What effect does it have on the reader? Be sure to use examples from the text to support your idea
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I believe this is in Medias Res- In Medias Res is a Latin term that means in the middle of things. Authors may choose to start a story right in the middle of the rising action or the conflict to build interest and capture the reader's attention. Readers are immediately immersed in the story and must keep reading to find out where the story begins, how it got to the current event, and what will happen next. Example: “He raced through the crowded halls of the school, trying to make his way to class on time. He passed his friends but didn’t stop to talk.” But I cant seem to explain it...

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