• JackofallTradez
Obviously, I wrote this because I was distracted/bored-out-of-my-mind XD
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  • JackofallTradez
'Distracted' I'm bored out of my mind Trying to pass the time Supposed to be getting work done But I can't focus at all I need a mental escape To relieve myself But the internet is down And the television is gone The books are all done and read And the games for more than one So I might just act dead Roasting under the sun I'll probably just sit here Writing words down Until my brothers return From their trip into town Trying to come up with logical rhymes That usually works out well I do it almost all the time But right now they're sketchy as hell I'll just try to formulate A sequence to amaze To bewilder any person of late Who happens to follow my gaze Trying to curb my tendency To waste all my time Distractions get the best of me And make me want to rhyme Why is it that I always find My focus has a missing link Between trying to keep my mind And my ability to think Now I'm finding it hard to write And easier to think I'm losing interest in my plight Running low on mental ink
  • anonymous
Your form becomes more apparent the farther you read the poem That form would be is dynamic couplets And you used it in very random way, which I find strangely appealing to read
  • Hope210

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