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What connection can be made between the results of WWI and current events?
  • Stacey Warren - Expert
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  • wwhitlock
After WWI the Ottoman Empire had crumbled and the modern country of Turkey formed. European powers started drawing lines in the region known as Mesopotamia. From those lines came modern countries of Syria, Iraq and others. People became part of a country because somebody draw a line on a map. So the Kurds, for exapmple, were divided in to 3 different countries.
  • anonymous
i would go a different route then the one stated above. After WWI the league of nation (failure) was created and the treaty of versau (failure) was signed my many nations which put huge economic sanctions on Germany. these sanction crippled the german economy putting the country into a depression. this depression opened the door for hitler to rise to power and start WWII. war is a result of failed diplomacy. how you relate this to today is what has just happened between turkey and Russia. failed diplomacy had lead to the death of a Russian fighter pilot.

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